Through your Faith, You are Healed

1 Min Read “I felt like it was going to be my big year.”

And it was, until a July 2018 diagnosis of melanoma put everything in Jeopardy.

More Than A Game

4 Min Read A pituitary adenoma? I had no idea what that even meant.

Being Present

7 Min Read At this point, I felt like I was a just a body in survival mode, just floating through this point in time.

Comeback Kid

7 Min Read After the game he looked at it again and told me that an ACL tear was on the table, I had an awful feeling that it was true

The Crucible

12 Min Read We’ll hope for the best, but if things don’t improve soon, you may be done with hockey…

The Bubble

7 Min Read “It’s the place where it seems like nothing bad can ever happen. Until it does.”

An Act Of God

5 Min Read After living with him for a year, he kicked me out of his house, and for the first time in my life, I was homeless.

Back In The Swing of Things

6 Min Read “In the fall I weighed almost 200 pounds; in January, I dropped to 160 pounds, and finally went to the doctor.”

One Stroke, Three Years.

4 Min Read “Within seconds, I collapsed onto the floor. I looked up at my mom and she could see the whole left side of my face had dropped”

Losing It All In One Moment

5 Min Read “One cut. One play… And my career was put on hold.”

From Autism to the Final Four

7 Min Read “I am the first NCAA Division I basketball player to have an autism diagnosis”

What My Knees Taught Me

8 Min Read “At the very moment the doctor told me the extent of my injury, I sunk to the lowest place I had ever been.”

Kicking the Demons

8 Min Read “Kayla, what would you do if I died?”

Making My Father Proud

5 Min Read “But then, in an instant, I lost him.”

Down in the Count

8 Min Read “I’m eighteen years old and in great shape, there’s no way I have cancer.”

Tears of a Parent

5 Min Read “We flew her home and… recruiting was over.”


4 Min Read “If only that doctor hadn’t misread my MRI.”

A Long Way Home

6 Min Read “South Africa? Football? Yale?”

Swimming in Silence

6 Min Read “I wanted to swim in college. In the recruiting world, there is no box to check saying, “I’m deaf.”

Champions Get Back Up

6 Min Read “I’d be lying if I said it was easy. In fact, this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

The Journey to Answers

7 Min Read “Walking into the training room, I had an unshakeable feeling that my career was over.”

A New Way Forward

3 Min Read “I struggled through sharp pain as it took me at least five minutes to simply put on socks.”

Front Sight Focus

7 Min Read “But, when you first hear that pop, or the words from your doctor, it feels like life is over.”

Taken for Granted

3 Min Read “Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart.”

Concussion Protocol

3 Min Read “Tears blurred my vision, my heart was beating a mile a minute, and I do not remember anything that was happening.”

Hot As A Pistol

1 Min Read Jason’s love for basketball grew throughout his youth, leading him to serve as the student manager for his beloved Greece Athena High School. But one night in 2006, everything changed.

Thriving Without a Cure

2 Min Read “I started having really severe symptoms which made me lose twenty pounds in three weeks… almost to the point of hospitalization.”

My ACL and Me.

3 Min Read “I got the results that Tuesday and I was devastated…”

Short End of the Stick

7 Min Read “Lying on the ground in a pool of blood… all I could think was ‘not again not again'”